an world famous dairy cattle show

Created in 1996, Swiss Expo has developed in twenty years to become the world’s 3rd most important livestock show after the World Dairy Expo in Madison, USA and the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, Canada. Each year over 1,000 cows and heifers among the eight main dairy breeds from several European countries including France, Germany, Austria and Italy parade on the ring of Swiss Expo. A turnout that underlines Switzerland’s position at the cutting edge with respect to the genetics of livestock breeding, and which makes Swiss Expo the European leader with regard to livestock shows.

International media coverage and visitors from throughout the world

Since it reached the top three of the world’s livestock contests the international reputation of the exhibition has literally exploded. This is measured immediately by the international media coverage of the event and the increase in requests for accreditation from foreign journalists and photographers - as well as by the record attendance of international visitors from throughout Europe and even from Canada, the United States, Russia, Japan and Taiwan. In terms of popularity, welcome and atmosphere, the event even ranks first worldwide in the hearts of readers of the review. 

A contest followed throughout the world

All contests are broadcast in live streaming on the website of our press partner Schweizer Bauer, whose website has registered in 2017 more than 83,000 visits from over 98 countries and nearly 1,370,000 printings over the four days. Swiss Expo’s Facebook page has registered a record audience number, thanks in particular to photos posted in real time. These statistics show the great interest of the public in the new technologies that allow visitors from throughout the world to follow the contest live.