In parallel to the livestock contest which has made the global reputation of Swiss Expo, there is the agro-technical exhibition destined for the professionals of the sector who attend Swiss Expo every year. 


In positioning itself as the key rendezvous for professionals of the agricultural (breeding-agro-technical) sector, this event offers you the opportunity of increasing your visibility and holding numerous discussions. It’s a unique occasion to present your know-how to informed, curious and open-minded visitors. By participating in Swiss Expo you can enhance your reputation, exhibit your products, services and innovations, meet your existing clients and acquire new ones.


Visitors to the Exhibition come from all over Switzerland and even from elsewhere in Europe and across the Atlantic. They consist mainly of professionals, even though the Exhibition remains open to the general public.


Swiss Expo is, every year:

  • Over 25,000 visitors from throughout Switzerland, Europe and even across the Atlantic
  • Nearly 140 exhibitors presenting their latest novelties
  • Some 400 breeders and more than 1,000 cows and heifers inscribed

Edition after edition, Swiss Expo pursues its positioning as an essential platform offering a diversified and dynamic image of Swiss agriculture, and remains the rendezvous that brings together the agricultural sector and facilitates fruitful meetings, exchanges and contacts. 


  • An exhibition centre in the heart of Europe, well used to major events (600,000 visitors per year)
  • International visibility thanks to a communication campaign in the media
  • A networking platform
  • Professional visitors coming from all over Switzerland, as well as from the rest of Europe and across the Atlantic
  • Easy access by car and public transport
  • Covered parking of 400 places
  • Plentiful hotel accommodation in the town and surrounding region (6,000 beds)
  • Exhibitors and visitors convinced by and satisfied with Swiss Expo
Des exposants et visiteurs convaincus


Michel Monneuse

Sales representative at Beiser

"This first trial has proved very positive and we are already looking forward to coming back in 2017 with a larger surface"

Joël Allemann

Stand Eric Schweizer

"Swiss Expo enables us not only to meet Swiss clients but also to make numerous contacts with foreign clients –especially French, a market where we are also present."

Pascal Henchoz

Breeder in Essertines-sur-Yverdon

« Swiss Expo is THE no, 1 European contest. Each edition lives up to its promises. The level is very high. Even in the less well represented breeds, you see that the level increases year by year. The Red Holstein and Holstein contest is always an intense experience. For aficionados, it’s several days of pleasure when one can let go, meet friends and share moments of conviviality between devotees. SWISS EXPO is also the occasion to confront others and thus see the level one has and the work to be accomplished. Each year it’s the chance to face up to the best.  I am proud to present my animals at Swiss Expo »

Cédric Russi

Head of Sales Western Switzerland at UFA SA

«A platform such as Swiss Expo stimulates the market and strengthens the ties between specialised enterprises and agriculture.»

Jean Pahud

ahud Jean & Bernard Sàrl, dealer New Holland, Merlo, Kuhn and Weidemann

«Swiss Expo is a ‘close-up’ exhibition, it enables us to meet our clients and make ourselves known in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The clients are happy to see us and we feel close to the visitors.»