the STgenetics international showmanship

For the third time, an international showmanship will be organized during Swiss Expo on Wednesday January 15th 2020. The showmanship will start at 14h00. It will be open to young breeders aged from 9 to 28 years old from all countries. All participants with a heifer, regardless of race, will be able to participate.

The aim is to compare young breeders of the same age group, in order to guarantee fair competition. The young breeders will therefore be divided into age classes so that the committee of judges can determine a junior champion and a senior champion. Registration is done online (deadline 08.01.2020).

What is a showmanship?

A showmanship is a competition involving people showing their animal. In this case, only the yound breeders are judged, not the animals.

Young breeders will be judged according to several criteria: the way the breeder presents his cattle in the ring, the way the breeder follows the instructions of the judge and if he manages to always place his animal well in order to present the advantages of this one as it should be. Success in a showmanship depends on many factors. It all starts with the choice of animal: the cattle must be the right size for their breeder. In addition, it is recommended to train early enough for this competition to ensure harmony between the animal and the breeder. It will also be necessary to ensure proper nutrition and care before the competition to ensure that the animal is in good shape. Clothing also plays a big role: the breeder will have to wear white pants and a white shirt. The size of the halter should be adjusted, that is, neither too large nor too small. However, the most important criteria will be the manner in which the animal is presented in the ring and compliance with the rules concerning the presentation and positioning of cattle by the breeder. It is also essential to feel the pleasure and pride that each young breeder should experience during this showmanship.

Detailed info and rules will be added shortly.